Seismic Shift 

Seismic Shift is a novel written by Keith Martin that explores the connection between God and goodness. 

Like many of today’s ‘nones’ (people with no religious affiliation), Philip used to believe in God—until the Rwandan genocide. He still believes in God, but not as you might think. Through honest conversations over drinks with the author, follow his thought-provoking journey from faith in a supernatural Being to a nonreligious worldview where God is a metaphor for Goodness and spirituality is about values, not beliefs.

If seismic means “having a widespread impact; earthshaking,” experience Philip’s seismic shift as he painstakingly revises his map of reality to correspond with his experience of reality. Whether gladly or reluctantly, discover with Philip a way to make sense of suffering, God and life itself.

Seismic Shift: The novel (pdf format)
(The staggered format allows for printing the pages back to back, trimming them to 8.5" x 5.5" and placing them in a 9" x 7" 3-hole binder available from Staples. To read the pdf version without excessive scrolling, you'll need a laptop or desktop computer, not an e-reader or smartphone.)

Seismic Shift book covers (pdf)

Seismic Shift: The novel is now available in paperback. Send $10 and your mailing address plus $5 for postage to, P.O. Box 188, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0.

Seismic Shift Excerpts:
     God. Where Are You?
     Dedication to the Truth
     Mother Teresa and the Absence of God
     What if God is a Metaphor?
     Does That Mean I'm Always Good?
     Be Good for Goodness' Sake
     Lessons Learned in the Land of Christianity
     Two Paradigms Within Any Faith
     The Sun Analogy
     Believing in God as a Dad
     God vs. Goodness
     The Shack
     Life After God
     Welcome to the New (Spiritual) World
     Meaningful vs. meaningful
     Life After God (pt. 2)
     Goodness Like a Higher Power
     Coming Back to Life