A Chaplain for the "Nones"

Keith Martin was a nonreligious chaplain or campus worker at U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph in Ontario, Canada from 2014-20. When it comes to religious identity, "no religious affiliation" or "none" is the fastest growing segment among students and adults. Keithwas chaplain for the "nones," especially students who are, or want to be, spiritual (i.e. good) but not necessarily religious. His goal has been to point students to universal, life-enhancing values like goodness and compassion rather than a particular set of beliefs.

Keith was a member of the University of Waterloo Chaplaincy Association and the University of Guelph Multi-Faith Resource Team. He was sponsored by Spectrum A&E Media (a nonprofit, registered charity fostering values that enhance life; see link below) and St. John's United Church in Wiarton, Ontario.

Keith worked on campus under the label 'Spiritual But Not Religious' (SBNR) and now online under 'Good But Not Religious' (GBNR). Besides office hours, Keith had a display table in the Student Life Centre at U. of Waterloo and the University Centre at U. of Guelph at least once a month. Once a month at U. of Guelph SBNR Guelph hosted a Good But Not Religious Monthly Get-together (formerly A Taste of Oasis). This was a monthly get-together with refreshments, music, an inspiring TED-like talk, conversations that matter, and friendship. On both campuses he facilitated a Being and Doing Good: With or Without Religion discussion group exploring and critiquing 3 guides for how to live.

For more information on each campus, visit:

Here for You Waterloo poster
Here For You Guelph poster

SBNR Waterloo brochure 2019-20
SBNR Guelph brochure 2019-20

Being and Doing Good U. of Waterloo poster
Being and Doing Good U. of Guelph poster

Newspaper and magazine articles
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Keith Martin Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2017-18
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Keith Martin Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2018-19
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     Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2018-19 Photos 

Keith Martin Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2019-20
    Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2019-20 Appendices
    Nonreligious Chaplaincy Report 2019-20 Photos

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