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Welcome to Good But Not Religious, a website by and about Keith Martin.

More and more people in Canada and the United States say they have no religious affiliation. Many of these identify as 'Spiritual but not religious' (SBNR). 'Spiritual,' however, can sound religious or New Agey to some, especially iGen students who are becoming less religious and less spiritual.

Good But Not Religious is for both SBNR and GBNR students and adults. If spirituality is about values more than beliefs, and being spiritual is about having and living by life-enhancing values like goodness and compassion, then spirituality can be about goodness rather than oneness or transcendence. Goodness can also be your highest value without calling yourself 'spiritual.'

Here you will find resources for being and doing good, with or without religion; for being spiritual without being religious. And since humanism is about being a good human being, here you will find resources for being a good humanist.

Keith has been a nonreligious chaplain and educator at two Canadian universities, U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph, from 2014-20. He is now online. He is the author of 2 books, Seismic Shift: From God to Goodness, and Seismic Shift: The novel. Both books are about making the worldview-shaking transition from believing in God as a higher Being to viewing God as a metaphor for or personification of Goodness—and even letting go of the concept of God.

Here you will find resources Keith has developed or come across on campus for you to use wherever you are. Like Scott Peck when Keith was young, and Jordan Peterson today (a controversial figure who nonetheless is helping people live more responsible, truthful and meaningful lives), Keith encourages students and adults to have and live by life-enhancing values like goodness and compassion that lift our spirits, promote wellness, and enable relationships to be healthy. Here you will find resources for transcending meaninglessness and nihilism—for being an instrument of goodness, love and justice in our world.

You can support Keith and help him develop more resources for being and doing good at

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